Tokyo Skytree or Tokyo Tower?

I am working my travel plan, come up with a specific question:
Are the Tokyo Skytree or Tokyo Tower similar? So if we only visit one, which one you would recommend? Which one is more convenient in terms of included in a day itinerary for famous attraction? Which one is more worth to see?
Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve not personally been up either, but The Skytree is a lot higher than Tokyo Tower, and the view looks a more interesting to me. Skytree is a lot more expensive though.

There’s a few other good alternatives if you want to catch a good view of the city. There’s the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower, which has free entry and opens till quite late in the evening. And just near the Tokyo Tower is the Mori tower (Roppongi Hills) which arguably has a nicer view, since you can see Tokyo Tower.

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I agree with the previous message. I haven’t been on the Tokyo Tower myself but some of my friends are quite disappointed by it. Skytree has a stunning view but I had to wait in line for 1h - 1h30 and I paid 2000 yen for the lower deck (around 350 meters high). The 450 m deck costs around 2800 yen if I remember correctly. I think it’s best to go around 15h so you can see daylight Tokyo, the sunset and nighttime Tokyo.
Skytree houses a lot of shops and restaurants too. Although very crowded, it is not that unpleasant to walk around or to have lunch/dinner.

Thank both Linus and Mrkirkland for your valuable (literally) information. I think I am going to skip the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree, and consider the Mori Tower.

Another good observation deck, albeit lower than the before mentioned towers, is in the Bunkyo Civic Centre. The observation deck is free and is on the 25th floor. It is well constructed with oblique windows so you can look down. It is also open until quite late, I think 20 or 21h.
So if you are in the neighbourhood (Suidobashi, Tokyo Dome,…), it is worth a visit.

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