Tokyo-Osaka trip

Will be in Tokyo, Japan on 1st Jan 2019 at about 0830hrs, got JR pass, is it possible to go straight to Osaka. Is so, how?
Will be in Osaka for 4 days then, back to Tokyo.

Hi there KohCH,
That is possible. Your route will depend on which airport you arrive at. If you’re arriving at Narita, you can jump on the N’Ex to Tokyo Station and then take the Tokaido Shinkansen. If you’re arriving at Haneda Airport, you need to make your way to JR Shinagawa Station to catch a train to Shin-Osaka.
New Year is a peak travel time so the Shinkansen might be a bit crowded. When you get your tickets for the N’Ex, see if you can get reserved seats for the Shinkansen at the same time. You can still catch a train with unreserved seats, but it’s a lot less stressful if you have seats secured.

Hi Gred, thank you very much.