Tokyo Metropolitan Government tours

Has anyone successfully been on the tours referenced in #4 of this article:

I registered for a few, including Shinjuku, a month in advance as advised. It said I would hear back in a week. After 2 1/2 weeks, I did not receive a response, so I emailed them, and still had no luck. I finally made contact through their Facebook page, and eventually received emails saying they would attempt to arrange the guides. I found this unusual since there are defined routes and schedules on the website. When they replied to my Facebook message, they even seemed a bit surprised and asked me what tours I was referencing (???).

I’m leaving for Japan in a few days, and if I don’t hear soon I’m going to cancel and make other plans. I was under the impression this was more of an established thing, since it’s the metropolitan government/visitors’ bureau. Kind of disappointing, though.

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