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Tokyo, kyoto and osaka in 6 days


Hello guys! Can anybody help me? I’m really having a hard time to decide if i should avail the jr pass 7 days unlimited. I will be travelling to japan this coming december3-8 and i am booked near minami senju station. I will arrive and depart from narita airport. I am planning to go to osaka for a day trip and kyoto for a day trip also since all my hotel bookings are at tokyo. Do you suggest i should avail a jr pass? Will it save me money and time? Thank you.


So, if you plan to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto and back, then Tokyo to Osaka and back, a one-week JR pass does save you money. But I don’t really recommend this because you’ll be burning six hours in transit each day, so there’s less time to actually do stuff.

It makes more sense to stay in Kyoto or Osaka for 2-3 nights since they’re only half an hour apart by local train. I don’t know how easy it is to change your hotels at this point but I’d seriously consider it if you want to visit all three cities on this trip.


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