Tokyo - JR Pass

Hi All, Please let me know if summer sale is always there in July 1st week for brands like Gap , Uniqlo , H&M , GU , Zara. Thanks

Also if i am only travelling inside tokyo do i need JR Pass .

Hi there,
There are no guarantees that all these places will have sales during that week - each chain has their own plans. Most should be on sale though.
If you’re just travelling in Tokyo, you absolutely don’t need a JR pass. A Pasmo or a Suica is sufficient.
Good luck!

Hi Greg,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I am planning a 7 day trip to Tokyo with one day travel to Nikko and One day to Kamakura. please suggest if Pasmo or Suica will be cost effective or JR Pass.

Don’t get a JR pass for travel within the Kanto area. Another option might might be the Tokyo Wide pass with unlimited travel for 3 consecutive days for 10,000yen. The Shinkansen and regular train to Nikko costs about 5,000yen each way so it might be worth it. Alternatively, you can catch the Tobu Line from Asakusa to Nikko for much less than the Shinkansen. If you’re interested in the Tokyo Wide pass, you can buy it after arrival at any major JR station.

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