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Tokyo > Fujikawaguchiko > Hakone > Kyoto > Osaka

Hi everyone,

This will be my first trip to Japan and I was hoping if anyone could help out a novice like me.

I will be travelling from the 03.08.19 - 13.08.19

My routes are as follows: Haneda,Tokyo (Arrival) - Asakusa,Tokyo (5nights) - Fujikawaguchiko (1night) - Gora,Hakone (1night) - Kawaramachi,Kyoto (3nights) - Kansai,Osaka(Departure)

I’m not sure if I should
a) opt for a Japan Rail Pass and a Fuji Hakone Pass
b) forgo the Japan Rail Pass, instead opt for a Fuji Hakone Pass and Kansai Area Wide Pass to travel from kyoto to osaka Kansai Airport

I really appreciate anyone willing to help out, thanks!

Hi Jan
a bit of a late reply…
Based on your itinerary, it seems a little tricky to make good use of JR pass or Fuji Hakone pass,
it might be easiest to just purchase all tickets without a pass

here’s some links to consider
Kawaguchiko to Hakone (
Hakone to Kyoto (
Tokyo to Kawaguchiko (

some estimated costs
Haneda to Tokyo 700-900 yen
travelling around tokyo - subway pass 1500yen 3d (or just use a SUICA card)
Tokyo to Kawaguchiko - possibly train to Shinjuku 500yen, then 2h highway bus 1950yen(must reserve)
Kawaguchiko to Hakone (2 buses +?) 2500yen
Hakone to Odawara, then Shinkansen to Kyoto ~12500yen

let me know if there’s any other questions