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Tokyo and Kyoto

The 4 of us are travelling to Tokyo for the Olympics for 5 days then onto Kyoto for 3 days.
Arrive and depart from Tokyo(Narita) with a transfer bus to our hotel.The hotel also has a transfer bus to the city centre.We’ll be going to different venues/events whilst in Tokyo.
From what l’ve read l’m not sure whether the JR Pass is the best option other than we would be using it for the return trip to Kyoto.
What do you think?
Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

Unless you do another cross-country trip, a JR Pass would probably be a bit of a waste of money. You’re likely to be better off buying a discount return ticket for the Kyoto trip, and then just using a Suica card for travel around Tokyo. :slight_smile:

Thanks Frances, appreciate the advice.

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