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TOADS! Where can I see them?


I’m going to Tokyo and Osaka in May and I’m so excited. This is the trip of a lifetime I’ve been waiting for for almost 30 years.

In getting an idea of what kind of activities I want to do on my dream vacation, I want to see toads. I’m a crazy toad lady and REALLY want to see (and hopefully pet!) some toads. Japanese toads, or bufo japonicus, are unusually friendly and intelligent and I was hoping there’d be toad cafes akin to those cat and owl cafes. Or at the very least, a chance to run into toads in parks since I’m unsure how to get to rural Japan where toads abound in some meadows.

Do lots of bufo japonicus live in Todoroki Valley and other greenspaces easily accessible by the subway and other trains? What about other places? I want to see these beautiful toads in person!


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