Tickets for the Keisei trains from Narita

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I am reading the How to Catch the Keisei Line from Narita Airport | Tokyo Cheapo
There are asterisks next to all quoted ticket prices. What do they mean?

A few questions about buying tickets for the Access Express trains:

  • can they be purchased online? If so, where exactly and how much time in advance can they be purchased?
  • are they part of any discounted package?
  • if they cannot be purchased online, can they be purchased with a credit card at the airport?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

The asterisks next to prices indicate the prices are indicative in your currency. We automatically convert prices from yen to your local currency for your convenience. If you want to see the yen price, either hover or click the asterisk and a help window will appear with the yen price. Prices in currency other than yen is indicative only - the actual exchange rates may be different depending on which service you use.

Tickets can be purchased online. I believe there’s a link in that article. I’m not aware of any packages with the Skyliner tickets. You can use some JR passes with the Narita Express but not with the Skyliner since it’s not a JR service. You can also purchase Skyliner tickets at the counter or using the ticket machines with a credit card.

Thank you. I was asking about Access Express (not Skyliner) tickets. I could not find any place for purchasing those online, so probably they cannot be purchased online…

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I’m pretty sure you can neither buy Narita Access Express tickets online or with a credit card when you arrive. I’m

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Thanks. This time I received a notification although I didn’t do anything about it… Maybe it listened to you.

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