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Things to do in Kabukicho


Looking for alternative things to do in Kabukicho.

Already know of the batting cage and the samurai museum, any other suggestions on great finds hidden in Kabukicho?


Alps? A grungy izakaya with very cheap beer surrounded by love hotels and host bars? I find just gawking at the locals is entertaining enough - the hosts look like wispy, white haired aliens. Other than that, there’s a fairly huge game center - but there’s nothing particularly unique about it. Hanazono Shrine with lots of Yatai is right next door to Kabukicho, as is Golden Gai. Sorry, I might not be local enough!


Alps looks perfect actually thank you, been looking for a place just like that for a while now.


I’m probably late, but if you’re not travelling alone, spending 2 or 3 hours in a nice love hotel can be fun :slight_smile: