The cheapest and fastest way to osaka from tokyo but just for 1 day or 2 day in osaka

Please, give me some advice. Im from indonesia. I have a plan for holidays in japan and i will stay in tokyo, arround akihabara for 6 days. However. I wanna go to osaka from tokyo just for one day or two days to visit universal studios. I need some advice or the best way to get there. Like the cheapest way but also the fastest way. Because i have a low budget.

if i buy JR Pass for 7 days its like im wasting my money. Because i will be in osaka just fot 1 or 2 days and if i can choose. i will not stay or live in osaka, i mean after visit universal studios i will go back to tokyo again.

Please guys give me some advice.

Hi Yusuf!

We have an article about this Tokyo to Osaka: The Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Get There | Tokyo Cheapo

The JR rail pass will be a waste if you only go tokyo to osaka, but see the article about for other money saving options, like the tokyo osaka discount bullet train ticket.

Okay. Thx man… by the way. Did u know, What seasson in japan when march 20 untill march 26?

March is early spring. I’d suggest looking at a website like accuweather for details on average weather conditions:

Ok. Thx a lot man…

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