Tennōzu Isle Street Art still on this plain of existence?

I’m staying in Tokyo for the next week and was wondering if the murals from Pow! Wow!, that were installed on Tennōzu Isle, along Bond Street are still around. All of the posts I’ve seen are from last year, so I’m not sure if they still exist. I’ve also looked on their website TENNOZ ISLE | 天王洲アイル地域情報サイト and found nothing, but maybe I just missed it. If anyone knows, it would greatly appreciated and would help me decide my daily itineraries. Thanks!

Paging our resident art expert: @TokyoDex

Unfortunately I believe only one or two pieces is still remaining from the
Pow! Wow! Tokyo event. Many of the pieces were temporary to begin with and
removed with a few weeks of the event, and my understanding is that others
did not adhere to rules for public art in Shingawa-ku and had to be
I believe the piece by Hitotzuki is still there, as it was done on a
privately owned building and not in plain view from the main road, but I
could be mistaken. But I would hate for anyone to make the trip over to
Tennozu-Isle there just to find out I am wrong!

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