Tempura and Steak Restaurants

HI, My family and I will be visiting Tokyo by end of May and June. Can anyone recommend some good Tempura and Steak or Yakiniku Michelin Star Restaurants around the Shinjuku or Shibuya areas? Of course, the cheaper, the better… Please refer Japanese restaurants and don’t recommend any Western or Italian places as I want to soak in the Japanese culture : )

I read an article from your site that you recommended: Kyourakutei… That looks interesting…


Hi, I really love this place for tempura - if you go during weekday lunchtime (not holidays though) the set is really good value for the high quality and you get to see them make it. Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi - Tempura Restaurant in Shinjuku | Tokyo Cheapo it’s not michelin star but it’s really good. (also don’t limit yourself to michelin, it’s not the be all and end all). I’m also just writing one about Tokyo Mentsudan which is a really cheap soba and tempura place - and they make the soba in front of you! It’s great if you want a nice Japanese meal but are spending a lot on another meal that day! Would definitely recommend kyourakutei, it’s so good!!!

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Nikuyokocho in Shibuya is a great spot for carnivorous dining with a lively atmosphere. It’s a sort of indoor yatai (street food) style arrangement with numerous eateries. Nikurakuen, is very cheap friendly wagyu steak and “hamburg”, plus you’ll also find yaki niku, meat sushi, and a numerous other options.

Also I second Lily’s comment about Michelin stars, there’s too many excellent eateries in Tokyo that Michelin’s selection hardly scratches the surface.

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