Tech ? re: using a sim card in old unactivated phone

Hi folks - I’ve been doing some research here, on TripAdvisor and elsewhere online and can’t find an answer to my question. I have an old I-phone 5 that is unlocked, but no longer an active “phone”, but was wondering if I might take it to Japan and get a sim card and use the phone for Google maps, Hyperdia and other internet activity. I’ve never used a sim card before, so, this is all new to me. I do have an activated Iphone that I don’t want to mess with a sim card in, which I’ll use for calls/texting and wi-fi when I have access. But I’d like to have this second option to help me navigate on my travels, as I’ll be traveling for several weeks. I don’t want to get a mobile wi-fi device. Again, I am new to all this, so I appreciate the understanding and helpful information. Thanks all.

Hi there,
A SIM card is actually pretty straightforward. For iPhones with SIM cards in Japan, you have to install a profile before you can use it, but it’s pretty simple. All the tourist SIMs have clear instructions in the packaging on how to do it.
Also check the roaming conditions on your main phone. Some of them are unlimited, but they’re at 2G speeds.

Take a look at MOBAL -

On their web site they have a list of supported devices. I’ve been using their SIM for almost a year - it’s cheaper than a Japanese phone plan and to date I haven’t had a single issue.