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Tax Free? Zara and Resturants etc


I bought some things from Zara without a passport, can I go back and get tax free or will I have to return the items and repurchase? Can the tax be given back at the airport? Also can tourists get tax back off receipts from Resturants etc? Or is it only at selected places?

Thanks guys!


Hi there,

  • EDIT - I’m sorry, I misread your timing. Tax refunds procedure must be done on the same day of purchase at the store’s tax-free counter. Not sure on Zara’s specific policy - they may allow the refund, but you’d usually do this by going to the service counter (near the checkout) and showing your receipt and passport. You may have to pay a service charge. If they decide not to honor it, then you’ll have to go through the refund and re-buying process.

  • You can do tax free shopping at anywhere that displays the Tax Free Shopping sticker on the door. This does not mean everywhere is Tax Free - many small shops are not. If in doubt, ask the staff.

  • The threshold of spending has to be above ¥10001, so if the total of your items didn’t come to that you can’t be elegible.

  • Restaurants do not offer a tax-free service.

  • Tax refunds cannot be done in Tokyo’s airports.




Good to know, I do appreciate the information shared at this site.
Just curious, what is the tax rate in Japan? ( in US where I live generally it is 7.5%)



Japanese tax rate is 8%.


In Uniqlo Ginza refunds can be done until 3 months after purchase if you bring your receipt, barcodes from the clothes and passport.


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