Tax Free Bulk Buying

Hello everyone I was just wondering I have plans to travel to Japan for the maximum of 3 months as a tourist and I was just curious to know if I’m allowed to send back home my tax free purchases while I’m still in Japan or do I need to keep them all until I leave to show the customs at the airport?
Sorry for asking it’s just I’m planning on buying a lot of stuff and I’m pretty sure it won’t all fit in my hand carry and luggage.

Hi Itachi

Officially you should have all your tax free purchases ready for inspection at customs.
…but from my limited experience, they haven’t checked. You could consider just paying for an extra luggage, since that may be similar to the cost of international shipping.(I think around 50 USD for 3-5kg and taking 2 months)

You’ll have your tax free receipts stapled into your passport and might have to show them at the airport. I think shipping charges would negate the 8 percent saving anyway so would not be worth it in my experience. You may also get stung for import charges if you post them depending on where you live, here in the UK we get stung for vat (20%)plus import duties for anything sent from outside the EU.

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