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Super Bowl LV - Where in Tokyo Can You Watch Superbowl Live?

I can’t seem to find any bar/pub in Tokyo that will be showing Super Bowl LV of the Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Kansas City Chiefs on the morning of Feb 8th, 2021. Does anyone know of any places that are having an event and showing the Superbowl live this year? Inquiring minds wanna know…Thanks!


Sorry, I shared this on our Twitter account but didn’t get any takers. I guess with the state of emergency no one is running a public viewing event. At least not one that they are publicizing.

Thanks for trying! Much obliged…

Thanks for starting this thread, I was hoping to find somewhere to catch the game as well. If anyone hears of anywhere let me know.

The Footnik British Pub in Ebisu is showing the Super Bowl LV Live on Monday Feb 8th from 8am !
Here’s a link to their website: