Sumida Area

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Sumida area. I will be leaving next week for a 3 month stay in Tokyo and will be staying there for the duration of my visit. Looking for shopping, places to eat, places to visit…ect.

Any information would be helpful.

Hi Annie, We actually don’t have much on Sumida specifically (yet!), but these pages might be helpful: Kinshicho Area Guide | Tokyo Cheapo Ryogoku Area Guide | Tokyo Cheapo Oshiage Area Guide | Tokyo Cheapo Check back for regular updates to help you have a fantastic, cheapo time here. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more!

hello. wish i could help more, but unfortunately dont know Sumida ‘on the ground’. i would tho echo Frances that key question is yr stations :slight_smile: I believe Ryogoku is gonna be the more polished part of the ward w Kinshicho being an after work area for salary men but also uni students – so a touch crass. id suggest sniffing out the local ‘gaijin pub’ (the hub is pretty good but doesnt seem to have anything in Sumida) these can be an excellent source of info. enjoy and good luck!

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