Suica Card tapped in at Narita Airport but never tapped out

Hello, so this is somewhat complicated so I’ll try to explain as clearly and specifically as possible.

I’m actually someone that returned from Japan over a month ago but When traveling to Narita Airport to get to my flight, I used the train. So I tap in my Suica card at Kameido Station and tap it out at Narita Airport station. Now the part that confused me was this this. After tapping out, I see that there was a second tap station in the airport from the subway and I was confused so I refilled my card to make sure I have enough funds. But after tapping in, that was it, there was no booth to tap out. My question is that second tap station, was it just a booth to empty out your Suica card before leaving Japan? I have a friend who is going to Japan in September and I just wanna make sure I don’t lend them a Suica card that’s messed up.

If they use a card and it gives them an error at the tolls, should they just try to contact assistance?