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SUICA Card for Trians, Buses and Subway lines


My family and I are traveling to Tokyo. We are getting the SUICA card in order to use the public transportation in Tokyo, but we wonder if the SUICA card will be accepted in all trains, buses, subway lines in Tokyo. Can someone please clarify if the SUICA card will be enough or if we should consider an additional option?


Hi Israel
Suica card works on all trains /subways in Tokyo I believe, and a majority of buses. It’s only if you want to take the shinkansen that you can’t use suica


I will be in Tokyo and probably go to Kioto, but I understand that in such case I will have to buy the shinkansen ticket.


Hey q10, its the first I have heard of the Suica card. Does it work only in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan? We hope to travel via Nagoya to the west coast.

Hi Camy

Suica card is transport IC card. There are a few different brands (eg Pasmo, ICOCA) but all have the same functionality and work across all of main japan (to my knowledge; it didn’t work in Okinawa when I went)
So yes, suica works in Tokyo and most of japan including Nagoya, but yes for long distance travel you’d have to purchase shinkansen tickets


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