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Subway Passes In Tokyo


Can the Two Subway passes be used All over Japan or only in Tokyo…we plan to end up in Osaka…should we buy?


I presume that you are referring to the Pasmo and Suica cards ?
These are both part of a family of about 10 cards known as ‘IC’ cards issued in various cities across Japan.
They are pretty much interchangeable between the main cities.
For example, I am currently in Japan in Kyoto using a Manaca card issued in Nagoya and using it to travel on Kyoto buses and subway.
Earlier in the trip I used it in Tokyo to travel on the subway (both operators plus JR subway).
Some IC cards can also be used to pay for shopping in convenience stores Tec.
Each IC card can be topped up in the machines of the other IC cards.
For full details search IC card Japan in Google, there are lots of sites which will show you detailed availability.
Hope this helps ?


So Buying one in Tokyo would be fine to use in ,Kanazawa,Takayama,Kyoto,Hiroshima,Osaka and Nara …Right?


Certainly Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Nara. Don’t think you can in Kanazawa or Takayama.
I suggest you read the guide at .
There is a city-by-city guide shown there which should clarify it for you. I visited Takayama recently and travelled on the bus to the Folk Museum and had to pay cash, but the bus station office will sell you a combined return bus and entry ticket which gives a good saving.


WE will Travel by train from Tokyo to Kanazawa,then Bus to Shirikawa go & Takayama,(separate Bus fares) then by Train from Takayama to Kyoto,then to Hiroshima,and Then to NAra returning to Osaka the same day where we stop and return from.
The Route is determined by allowance on the 7 DAy JR Pass,
My question is as a visitor is it facilitating to use the 7 day JR Pass or should we be paying as we go.
The mathematics work out minimally even.
Thanks again for all your help



You have an exhausting itinerary if you intend to visit all those places in one week!
You have said that the total of the individual fares is the same as buying the JR Pass, which surprises me.
Have you taken into account the cost of reserving seats on the trains ?
I think you may wish to buy the 7 day JR Pass but visit less places. That way you will get to see more of Japan than just the inside of a railway carriage !
Whatever you decide, have a great time.


This is a 14 days trip,not a 7 days one .Extra days are 4 in Tokyo ,3 in Osaka and then the 7 days Pass.Thanks again.


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