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Stopover in Haneda?

Hello everyone,

Wondering if anyone who has recently arrived in Japan can give us some advice.

We have an 8 hour layover in Haneda on the way from Australia to Europe. My partner is Japanese and wonders if she can leave the airport and have dinner with her family.

I know there is an arrival PCR procedure which takes 2 hours.

Is there a restriction for coming back to the airport and leaving the country again within the ‘self quarantine’ time? i.e. Can she clear immigration, have arrival PCR, meet her family for dinner at the airport, then go back through security and jump back on the plane?

Thanks in advance!

Pretty sure you are allowed to leave self quarantine early if you’re leaving the country. But If a self quarantine period is required, then dinner at the airport wouldn’t be allowed (although it’s hard to imagine anyone would notice).
Also relevant, the need of self quarantine has been dropped for people with 3 vaccine doses, and coming from a non-high risk country.

Also something to check: does your final destination require a negative PCR test? If that’s the case leaving the airport might then mean a new PCR test is required.