Sports Insurance

I’m thinking about playing a sport with friends against other teams. It would not be like being a member of a club, but just us. It seems that even leisure-oriented insurance policies exclude some sports like soccer, probably due to the higher risk of injuries.

I’m mostly concerned about injuring other people during a game, and then bear the financial responsibility for that accident. Of course, it’s better if it covers my personal injuries too, but that’s secondary.

Can someone recommend reliable sports insurance plans, applicable to such “risky” activities?
Any other enlightenment is appreciated about this topic.


Hello. My son belongs to soccer team and we use Spokyo for group. It’s 1 year contract for a group.

Hope someone in your group can read Japanese!
When we accept those who aren’t insured, we always get signed consent from participants on disclaimer to avoid lawsuit ensuring that they should participate with their own risk. Hope it helps.


Thanks for the pointer, Kyoko!
Why does the team still require a disclaimer from uninsured participants? I mean, is that because Spokyo doesn’t cover damage to other people (only covers your son’s injuries, in your case)?
Or is that for another reason?

It’s because Spokyo only covers the people on the submitted list (including my son) for a year.
The team only request to those uninsured participants (from other teams or who came for the trial) to sign on the consent on disclaimer.

Thank you. I should call them to ask if they would consider covering 3rd parties, for instance if the ball hits a bystander. Also to ask if they have individual plans, since the “team” would not be that fixed, rather open. In that case, I could use it for multiple sporting activities too, maybe.

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I played all sorts of sports for many years in the UK (cricket, rugby, hockey) with no insurance whatsoever, but if you participate in an official competition or league in Japan, insurance, as Kyoko says, is pretty much compulsory. My son plays in a junior cricket league and has to have insurance. I guess the disclaimer she mentions is so that if any uninsured team member is injured, he/she can’t claim against the team. The insurance is very cheap, so perhaps your team can apply? You would need a Japanese speaker to help you. I’m not sure if it would work for just a leisure-based team, but no harm in trying.

Tokyogreen, thanks for your input. I enjoyed ski and cycling in Japan without a special coverage, just my health insurance. I wasn’t very aware, but fortunately I hurt nobody else.
But in team sports like soccer or squash I reckon that I’d better get a special coverage. I’m quite sure that with clubs or official competitions, everything is well organized – like everything else in this country. But to reply, yes, in this case it would just be amateurs using Tokyo city’s/wards’ facilities or private ones.

Maybe my original posting wasn’t clear. My first priority is coverage in case I hurt someone else by accident. An individual insurance is okay. It’s amateur matches. Sometimes, I may also join a random team which lacks players for an amateur game.
(Making people sign an agreement is not very “leisurely” and won’t apply to injuring bystanders. From the posters’ replies so far, the policies seem not to cover damage to such 3rd parties.)