Smart meter opt out

Does anyone have experience with opting out of the smart meter installations? Japans parliment decided in March 2016 that YES we as customers can choose to opt out and can choose an analog meter. Tepco says NO we have NO choice and forces customers to install smart meters. Does anyone have info on alternative energy providers who proved service with analog meters?

I shared your question on our Twitter account but no takers. I had no idea that you could opt out - Tepco swapped mine out for a smart meter a few weeks ago. What’s the downside? Sadly I can’t switch from Tepco anyway since our hot water tank is on a special night circuit which the other providers can’t deal with.

Greg- thanks for your support! yes customers do have the option to opt out, it is much easier “before” tepco installs the smart meter than after. 90,000 people in Japan have opted out of smart meter installation despite tepco saying in the press that they have zero complaints or concerns about EMF from smart meters. In the hospital assembly on April 25, 2018, economic counselor and TEPCO stated that “there is no law to force smart meter.” most importantly - The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry approved that “It is based on the Cabinet decision and there is no law of obligation to set up smart meter.” Last summer tepco removed my analog meter and installed smart meter - without notifying me, without permission and without a valid customer service contract, and they have arrogantly refused to remove it and install analog meter and turn on the power, even I have requested to just remove the smart meter with no power they refuse, even I request to remove the smart meter because I need to repair my house they refuse. they are using my house as a hi point broadcasting node for their smart grid system without notification, permission or customer service contract - the smart meter is not even connected to my inline house power cable but continues to broadcast, how they can they continue to do this? even refuse just to remove the smart meter? tepco is a bully and there is deception about this smart meter in terms of health safety, data protection and installation options. there is a group called dennjiha (see url and links below) who is helping drive the effort for smart meter/analog meter choice and is helping customers who want to keep analog or to replace smart meter with analog meter. there is meeting in Tokyo on January 16th by dennjiha and they really need the foreign community to help support their effort in any way we can, if you can join please come it is very important for this most important issue facing all of Japan. also if you have any contacts in the media in Japan or International who is interested in this issue please let us know. Kind regards and hope to see you on the 16th!!
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