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Sim card and pcr test

I know it is two unrelated topics but I have concerns about these two before arriving in Japan.

I have seen people on facebook group asking about where to get their pcr test as if Japan is only going to accept it from specific clinic? is it that strict? or any place is good as long as I get them to fill Japan PCR document? I am in toronto canada

SIM card:
I read the topic about getting a sim card from Japan.
I want a contract for two years.
phone call, msgs, and internet package.
Can I get a contract before traveling to Japan and pick up my sim card from Narita maybe i can’t since they need the resident card which is till dont have? I will live in Kyoto though.
I mainly use mobile internet for browsing pages and gps.
I do not want to get a cellphone just the card.

Which plan should i be looking for? I think I am going with MOBAL.
I read also that i can get from MVNO because the big 3 brands will force me to buy a cell phone

Thank you for always being helpful

Regarding the PCR Test, there is no specific list of clinics. You don’t even need to use the Japanese format, but, if you don’t, you must do one of the required types of test, and your certificate MUST contain all the same information as the Japanese format has, including type of test, testing method, nationality, sex etc etc.