Sightseeing in tokyo with luggage

Our family of four arrive early in the morning at Narita but can’t check into our Airbnb accomm in Wakoshi until mid afternoon. Besides having to navigate our way across town, what kind of easy sightseeing can we do as we’ll still have our luggage?

One idea: Sit in the Starbucks with seats overlooking the famous crossing and people watch, not far from the station and then you can get the Fukutoshin train up to Wakoshi afterwards.

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Depending on the size of your luggage, you could also put it in lockers at a train station. It seems like most larger stations have lockers big enough for carry on & medium sized luggage. It might be a hassle depending on what stations are along your route, but worth keeping in mind.


+1 to lockers - there’s a lot of locker space at the larger stations (like Shibuya/Shinjuku). Although as they are popular, you might need to wander around a little to find one that is empty.

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