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Should i Get JR Pass with this ittenary


Hi guys,

Me and my friend are going to Japan and we are completely first timer in Japan. I hope that you guys will help me about the question
Here are the ittenary ;
Day 1 Arrive in Narita
Day 2 - 6 In Tokyo
Day 7 - 8 in Kyoto
Day 9 - 13 in Osaka
Day 13 Depart from Osaka Aiport

The question is, Should we have JR Pass for this trip ?And what kind of pass do we need (Kansai Area pass ? ) and what is the duration should we buy ?

And in Tokyo area, should we just using reloadable fare card (Suica or Pasmo) ?

Thank you,



Tokyo to Kyoto is the only expensive train leg, so just buy a one-way Shinkansen ticket. Kyoto to Osaka is six bucks on the local train, so it’s not worth worrying about.

For travel within all three cities, just use the fare card. The big companies all have agreements that let you use the cards interchangeably, so the Suica/Pasmo that you buy for Tokyo-area trains is also good in Osaka and Kyoto.


It doesn’t sound like you are doing enough domestic travel to make a JR Pass worthwhile. A better bet would be a one-way shinkansen ticket or bus ticket, and then one of the Kansai discount passes.
Have a look here for a breakdown of those passes:


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