Shinkansen Train - Compare Flex Pass with R/T ticket cost

We’re planning to visit family stationed in Japan in April of this year (2017). After arriving at Narita or Hadeda airport and transferring to the Tokyo Station, would it be less expensive to have a 14 day “Flex Pass” good for 5 days of rail travel during a 14 day period or a Round Trip Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Hachinhoe. All we need to do is get to Hachinhoe where our family will meet us at the train station and then back to Tokyo after they drop us off again 10 days later at Hachinhoe.
The Green car sounds like a nice trip but it looks kind of pricey for a less than 2 hour trip one way. So I suppose that the ordinary car would be fine.
We’re still shopping for the airline tickets so we don’t have a specific airport as yet.
Our other option would be a flight from Haneda to Misawa instead of the train.
I sure would appreciate any tips or clues about this trip. We have never been to Japan before and the train situation is a bit confusing. Buy the ticket there or pre order it here and use the voucher upon arrival or just buy it there? Is there a best way to do all of this?

Thank ,
Phoenix, Az.

Hi Keats,

The JR East Tohoku 14 day flex pass (20,000yen) is be cheaper than a return to Hachinoe (32,980yen)

See the “JR East Passes” section of our rail pass article here (which includes a link for pre-ordering and saving 1000yen):

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