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Shimonoseki + (maybe) Okinawa


Hello dear Community,

I am planning my 3rd trip to Japan at the moment. I will go there next year in October, because I want to go to the WonderFestival and the Tokyo Game Show. And since I am there in October I might as well try some Fugu and where else to get some then in Shimonoseki?

From what I saw Hiroshima is the closest Airport, so I probably will travel to Tokyo, stay there some days and the fly to Hiroshima and travel the rest by train. Is that the right way to do it, or is there any better way? I was thinking bout stayin there for 2 - 3 days, or is there anything else worth seeing nearby? Also should I stay some days in Hiroshima since I am already there?

Then I would go Okinawa from there and stay there some days aswell. I always wanted to go there but I have no idea how many days I should stay there. I am not a big beach person. I am going there for the nature pretty much. And from there I would go back to Tokyo again for the rest of my stay.

How does that sound? Anything I should consider? Or anything you would do different for some reason?

Thx in advance and greetinigs from Austria


Hi OnkelLes
A bit of a late reply…
I haven’t been to Shimonoseki, but after having a quick look, some alternatives are to fly to Fukuoka and take trains/shinkansen for <1hr
or take the shinkansen directly from Tokyo (5.5h)- worth it if you get a JR pass.

regarding Okinawa, what kind of nature do you want to see besides the ocean?
The Japan mainland (or kyushu) has some nice forests or even alps.