Sender address for item shipping

Hi, i would like to know whether ems or yamato requires a sender address to be fill as part of the waybill details. I

am planning to ship out items during my visit in japan to my hometown as i will be hoping from town to town, so it is quite difficult to carry these item together during travelling.

If it is required, can we use their office address or the airbnb address as the sender address.

Thank you.

Hello FikriZainul,
Please think about the sender address as the return address in case the item does not reach it’s destination. The sender address is designed for you, the sender’s protection.
You can fill in any address that the item can be returned to in case the receiver refuses to accept the item, or is not at the destination address after many attempts of delivery.

You can use a friend’s name/address/phone number, or with permission, the AirBnB address, etc.
You did not mention whether you were shipping items domestically or internationally. Either way, the logic is the same and the sender information is required and designed for your protection.

Sorry, forgot about where i am planning to send the item. The receiver will be my home address in Malaysia, so it will be international postage.

Maybe the best way is for me to find any students that is residing in Japan for me to use their address. I dont think airbnb owner will easily give permission to use their address for postage purposes.