Selling Japanese postage stamps

Greetings, I have a collection of Japanese postage stamps and 1st day covers, is there any shop in Tokyo that I can contact to purchase. I have done the usual searches but nothing of note comes up.
Will be traveling to Tokyo in May 2024.
Regards CJ

If they are really valuable, I wouldn’t recommend bringing them over without some kind of insurance. I have never tried to buy or sell stamps in Japan, but I can see a few stores - most of which don’t seem to have websites. Most are also in the Shinbashi/Ginza area.

Shinbashi Stamp Co. Ltd
Fine Stamp
Takahashi Stamp Shokai

I’d recommend trying Google Maps and trying to give them a call. Selling used/collectible goods in Japan without a Japanese ID might be a bit difficult.

Thankyou for the information, I will follow up.