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Same Day Luggage Delivery between Tokyo Airports



I will be flying into HND (Haneda Airport) early morning (7:30am) and flying out of NRT (Narita) at 18:40, which gives me a day in Tokyo, but it’s likely that I will have up to 4 pieces of checked luggage… that I’d obviously rather not carry around. What are my options?

Is there same-day afternoon delivery between HND and NRT? How much does it cost per piece?


maybe yamato transport is an option, but I’ve never tried it

it does seem that haneda and narita have dropoff/pickup options:

you can estimate costs here:


When I looked into, it seemed quite expensive. So I might also suggest just travelling a bit lighter and taking a direct bus between the two airports.

PS. Some internet cafes have services where you can store your bags with them for a fee. You might need to know a bit of Japanese to find out which ones though.


Have you read our article on baggage?

I’d recommend enquiring with Sagawa or Yamato.

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