Salvage grocery stores

Ok I have a question
In America I used to shop at so-called salvage grocery stores, where they sell stuffs almost due to the best-by dates or stuffs that cannot be sold at general retail channels.
I’m looking for that kind of stores in japan, so if you know any of that let me know.
I can’t find it via google.
Thank you very much.

And if you could, please give me the name of the store and the address.

I’m not sure that such things exist. Freshness is king, so most regular grocery stores will heavily discount stuff near closing time.

Sadly although food waste is a massive problem in Japan nearly 18million tons wasted every year, it’s not so easy to find “near sell by date” items as they are often just thrown away.

Apart from normal super markets, the only other obvious suggestion would be Donki, they usually tend to have discounted items (like overstock, or failed brands as well as near sell by date).