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Rugby Tickets in May 2020

Hi there, I’m would like to book a ticket for Japan Rugby Top League Prince at Chichibu Memorial Rugby Ground on 9 May. Does anyone know if I can do this from UK, or would i be able to get a ticket in Tokyo (arriving 7 May)

HI there,

There are two games at Chichibunomiya on May 9th. Here’s the schedule, unfortunately Top League Rugby doesn’t have an English site ->

The ticket purchasing for Top League also is all in Japanese. Incidentally, for that day, the site has no ticket availability. I’m not sure exactly what this means though. For some sports events, they release tickets in stages. Rugby is quite popular at the moment in Japan and Chichibunomiya is a tiny little stadium so they might be sold out. In addition to the reserved tickets, they do have “jiyu-seki” which are first come, first served on the day of the game. You might have to line-up early for that though.

Also, the Super Rugby season is still going so there are two Sunwolves games at Chichibunomiya in May. You can check the Sunwolves schedule here ->

Tickets are available on line through Ticket PIA for the games in May from April 6th, but you have to print them out at a 7 Eleven in Japan, so probably best to wait until you arrive. Also, online ticketing services in Japan often have issues with credit cards issued outside Japan. Ticket PIA might be OK, but it’s happened to me on lots of different sites.

Many thanks for the great advice. I’ll probably do a Sunwolves match or two although I might try joining the queue for jiyu-seki.