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Rent A Car In Japan!

Hello Tokyo Cheapo Community. Thank You for having me.

I want to ask something about rent a car in Japan. Can we rent a car with driver? I actually in need to setup my future apartment when I move to japan (Buy a furniture, food etc). And because I dont have any of driving licence (even my own country driving licence), I’m afraid that I can’t setup my future home there before school start.

Btw, I need someone to take me to Off House, Costco (because I dont like to go outside except going to school, I love to buy my food in bulk :smiley:), and ofcourse, take me from airport to my future home… xD

Thank you for reading up till now. If you have any suggestion, I would like to hear it.


You mean a taxi? Hiring a driver along with a rental car would be very expensive and I’m not even sure how you would do this. You can negotiate fixed prices for a period of time with a taxi company, but the costs are enormous. A four hour trip to Costco would probably cost $500. Japan has an efficient and affordable public transport system so you can use that to get to Costco and then ask for them to deliver your items. This is quite common in Tokyo.

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Here you go, service with a chauffeur is known as “charter” in Japan. You can get 6 hours for 30,000yen. That’s about $300.

You’ll maybe have to buy a few thousand dollars of food from Costco to make the economics work!

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wow! expensive yet affordable. Btw, thank you for replying me. I will look at the link right now. Thank you again… :smiley: