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Receiving payments from outside Japan without charges?


Does anyone know a major Japanese bank that doesn’t charge anything for receiving payments that are wired internationally? I thought Shinsei qualified, but apparently they are too small so they’re not connected directly to the international payments system. Although they don’t charge fees, their intermediate banks often do - basically just stealing money on the way through.
I’ve heard if you specify certain intermediary banks in Japan you can avoid this thieving, but I’d prefer a slightly less convoluted system where you could just receive funds for no charge without worrying about intermediaries.
Does anyone know if such a bank exists?


Hey, I think this post on reddit might help you. Take a look.


Thanks Munir,
Unfortunately, that thread just has general advice on banking rather than anything specific to receiving money without incurring fees. I suspect continuing to use Shinsei with the intermediary bank set to Citibank Japan is probably the only way to prevent intermediary bank thievery.