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Rail passes - 14 day but need airport transfer



I land at NRT on July 16. Need transfer to Tokyo (Kinshino). Then travelling around Tokyo for 6 days. HEading to Osaka (3 nights) then Kyoto (4 nights) then back to Tokyo (Tachikawa 2 nights). I leave on July 30th. So I miss the JRail pass by 1 day. Is it easy to get one way transfers from Tokyo to airport? I have a few hours on the departure day so can wait for a train if needed.

Thanks djmayes19


There are loads of options for getting from Tokyo to Narita Airport. :slight_smile: See our article on airport transfers (just reverse your route):


Really do not understand what you mean by missing JR pass by a day. In any case, given your itinerary, you will probably be better off without a JR pass. There are several options to travel by train from Tokyo to airport.I have also used a pickup service call Green Tomato which was very satisfactory albeit expensive compared to trains.