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Quieter area to stay in Tokyo


We are booking accommodation in Tokyo. We want to be able to access the busier parts of Tokyo but be able to go to a quieter area to sleep. Where should we book a hotel? Ueno? Thanks!


Personally, I’m living in Edogawa and it’s pretty low key compared to Ueno etc…and it only takes me 20 to get into town or 30-40 to Shinjuku. The train system here is soooo wonderful that if you chose something on the eastern side it could be a bit quieter.


We’ve stayed near Minamisenju a few times.


I’d recommend somewhere like Yanaka which is just north of Ueno. Really cute neighbourhood. Probably the biggest factor affecting how quiet the place you stay is will be your proximity to a big road or a major train station. Ueno is a big train station. Asakusa (not far from Ueno) is an area that’s quite touristy but actually pretty quiet - it has a much gentler pace of living than a major station like Shibuya or Shinjuku.


Thanks Everyone! We found a spot in Ueno. Very excited! Sheila


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