Questions before I move to Japan for a year


I am about to move to Tokyo for a study year abroad. While I am very excited, there are things I need to sort.

My main queries which require some advice is on phones and transport.
Firstly, does anyone have a good recommendation for a SIM only 12 month contract with lots of data and a cheap price. I looked on the mobal website, but they don’t recommend their sims for google pixel phones which is what I own so any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Finally, I am so confused about the different passes I will need for Tokyo, I can walk to university so won’t need any public transport for that but I will want to explore around Tokyo and Japan so please may you recommend what I should do!

Thank you so much for your time,

Line Mobile, Rakuten Mobile, B Mobile are some my friends use
Suica/Pasmo are common IC cards people get, there won’t be any need for most of the passes as you’ll be there for a year when most cater to tourists