Questions. As an american living visiting japan

I’ve been to Japan twice, only in Okinawa and Tokyo. It was brief. I plan to move there to live. I have a couple questions.

I can cook but don’t like to cook. However, I want to eat healthy, and I mean REALLY Healthy. Does Tokyo have a meal delivery or meal pickup service? Is there any y’all would recommend?

Also, I want to ship my clothing and a few small items from here stateside to Japan. Is there anything like a slow delivery thing I can do? I’ve heard of barrel deliveries.

Thank you very much.

Also, I forgot to ask. Are there any volunteer opportunities in Japan that are open to foreigners?

Do you mean like meal prep services? Services like Hello Fresh aren’t as big here as in the west, but if you just want healthy meals delivered, there are plenty of options on Uber Eats and Wolt.

For volunteering, there are a few options depending on what you’re interested in but maybe not as many as you’d be used to in the US. I know people who have volunteered for TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline), Second Harvest, Animal Rescue Kansai, and also Tokyo River Clean-up.

Yes, services like meal prep services. It doesn’t have to be delivered. It can also be picked up.

I will look into the volunteer program “TELL”. or the tokyo river cleanup, or perhaps the animal rescue.

Thank you very much.

Bump for any advice.

There’s Nosh which does frozen bento, but I can’t find any mass market offerings. They tend to be high end restaurants and not a practical way to eat everyday.