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Question about transportation (in Tokyo for 10 days + 5)



I’m going to be in Tokyo-Saitama for about 10 days, plus 5 more days in Yokohama.
I’m going to be commuting to Tokyo from Saitama most of the first 10 days, while in Yokohama I’m going to be more within the area.

I do not have a railpass - and public transportation, as you know, is extremely expensive. I am then wondering what is the best thing to do… have been looking for weekly commuter-passes, but found nothing so far. Is there any other option?

Thank you in advance for any hint!


Hi Vanessa,

Unfortunately I don’t think you have many options. Commuter passes are usually one month minimum, and I don’t think any of the metro/subway passes are that likely to save you money.
Here’s our article on available day passes: