Public transit for family/children

I’ll be going to Japan in a little over 2 months for a 2 weeks. I’ll have my 2 kids with me (age 9 and 10). I know that there’s a discounted rate for children for public transit. With the chip shortage, what would be the best recommendation to get this reduced rate without buying an actual paper train/subway ticket for each ride?

I know Tokyo has the Metro Pass for the subways but wanted to figure what’s the most economical way to do things if I had to use combination of the subway and above ground trains and use an IC card with the pass.

Also, is there a limit of Metro passes I can buy and use consecutively? I will be in the Tokyo area for about a week and wanted to see if I could buy 2 3-day passes (covers 6 days) for each person during my time in Tokyo.

I appreciate the help with figuring this out!

Where are you travelling from?

I’m from the USA. Will be starting off in Osaka and make my way east to Tokyo.

There’s a UK based japanese travel company that has lots of Suica Cards in stock you can buy and they will post express to USA.

Oh no people must have twigged they have sold out

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