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Private Guide for Tokyo

Good evening,

Our family of three will be traveling to Tokyo this coming July. It just seems so overwhelming with all sites available to check out. We are hoping to find a private guide (free or paid service) to help us get the lay of the land on the first day we are in Tokyo. We would be grateful for a few recommendations of private guides. We found some info in our Google search but there seems to be so many choices which we are not sure which are good or not good.

Edit: Half day or all day guide needed.

Thank you,

Hi Tony,

For paid guides, we generally recommend booking a tour through Voyagin:

Also see this guide we put together:

For free guides, timing can be a little trickier, but here are a few options:

Thank you for the tips!


We discovered these great free, Volunteer tour guide programs in Japan, Absolutely free. They just want to practice their English & make International friends. Our favorite is the KimiWillBe English teaching school.
We even made a video for our YouTube channel about it with details Visit:
YouTube, Japan Travel Today

Thank you DanielR!! Will definitely check them out.


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