Pocket Wifi or Free WifiHotspot?

Hello Cheapos!

I’m travelling to Tokyo in a few months and I’d like to know from any of the locals if I need pocket wifi or if I can get away with the Softbank/NTT free wifi services?

There seems to be heaps of free hotspots across Tokyo so I’m wondering if its even necessary to rent a pocket wifi.

Wont be travelling outside of Tokyo apart from a day trip to Mt Fuji

This is tokyo CHEAPO after all :wink:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Scott,

It depends how much/often you want to be connected to the interwebs. Tokyo is not yet quite as connected as other capital cities, but you should be able to find at least 2-3 points where you can reliably connect on your daily travels (in the city centre, and around tourist hotspots). If you are wanting more constant connectivity, it’s definitely best to rent a pocket wifi router, or get a data SIM card for your phone.

We will be In Japan from Tokyo to Hiroshima for 14 days,we will carry our I Phones and I Pad.
Which would it be more useful to get a Sim card,hire a Pocket Wi fi or just the I Phone with International connection.Our need is for directions ,transports and getting info about places we visit?

Another factor to consider is whether or not the Pocket Wi-Fi has to be returned in-person of if you can just drop it into the mailbox. I always find my last day in Japan is so harried that having the mailbox option is a lifesaver!

I would suggest a pocket wifi, so that all of your devices can be connected.

Thanks for everyones input

I’ll probably get a sim card - cheaper and does the same thing. Dont have to worry about losing/damaging the router/paying insurance.

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