Please double check my route plans

Hi, I’m going to Japan in a month… so I hope someone could double check my route plans to ensure I wont get loss using it… Please correct if necessary. Thanks.

Vacation General Plan

-Check in Hotel

-Goto Tokyo Station from Jimbocho Station
-Goto Maihama Station from Tokyo Station via JR Keiyo line
-Disney Land \ Disney Sea

-Mori Digital Art Museum
–Goto Tokyo Station from Jimbocho Station
–Goto Tokyo Station from Jimbocho Station
–Goto Shin Kiba station from Tokyo Station via JR Keiyo line.
–Goto Tokyo Teleport Station from Shin Kiba station via Rinka line.
–Walk toward the faris wheel

-Disney Land \ Disney Sea (revisit if needed to)
-Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (if we didnt go back to Disney Land \ Disney Sea)
–Ikebukuro Station, Exit 35, Sunshiny City Exit
–Escalator Up and go straight until stop light.
–Find the street with Lotteria restaurant on the left and a Café Spazio on the right.
–Walk down that street and right before you hit the end, on the right side you will see a sign for Sunshine City with an escalator heading down.
–Sunshine City is at the end of the long hallway.

-J World, Sunshine City, 3rd Floor
–2600 yen full pass.

-Mega Pokemon Center, Sunshine City, 2nd Floor.

-Namco Namja Town, 2nd Floor
–300 yen entry
–Gyoza Stadium
–Ice Museum

-Hakone Day Trip
–Goto Shijuku Station from Jimbocho Station (get the Hakone Free pass)
–Goto Hakone-Yumoto Station with Romance Car (Odakyu line) from Shijuku Station

–Take HakoneTozan Bus (bus stop no.2) to Kowaki En bus stop.
–Walk uphill from Kowaki En bus stop to reach Yunessun.
–Adult pass 2900 yen.

-Hakone Ropeway
–Take HakoneTozan Bus from Kowaki En Bus stop to Gora Station
–Take HakoneTozan Bus (Bus stop No.2) to Gora Park
–Lunch at Ito Dining (have to reach before 2pm)
–Lunch at Cafe Pic (backup)
–Tea at Hakudo in Gora Park
–Take HakoneTozan Bus back to Gora Station
–Take Hakone Tozan cable car to Souzan Station (OH62)
–Take Hakone Ropeway from Souzan station to Owakudani Station.

–Walk to black egg location
–Look for Mount Fuji
–Take Hakone Ropeway from Owakudani Station to Togendai Station.
–Find place for dinner (if there is no time)
—Take HakoneTozan Bus (Togendai line, T) back to Hakone-Yumoto Station
—Take Romance Car (Odakyu line) back to Shijuku Station.
—Go back to Jimbocho Station.

-Lake Ashi (if only there is time)
–Ride the ship to Hakone Machi
–Find place for dinner in Hakone Machi
–Take HakoneTozan Bus (via Hakone-Shindo line, R) back to Hakone-Yumoto Station.
–Take Romance Car (Odakyu line) back to Shijuku Station.
–Go back to Jimbocho Station.

–Akihabara Station.

-MaguroDonya Jyudaime-Yazaemon (lunch \ dinner)
–Akihabara Station, Showa-douri Entrance
–Go Straight until you reach atre2 on the left
–Get to 4th floor via elevator

-Marugo (lunch \ dinner)
–Akihabara Station, Electric Town Entrance, go left of the sign.
–Go outside and turn left.
–Go toward the red sega building.
–Go straight into the alley on the Sega building’s left.
–Go right when you see a green arch near a yellow shop sign “Toshika no”
–Go straight until you see the shop Marugo (with a 5 kanji) on the right.

–Akihabara station, electric town exit, 2 mins walk.

-Kimono Photo session: (have to reach the studio before 11.30am)
–Goto Meguro Station
–walk to Kimono Photo Studio
–From Metro Meguro Station, walk across to JR Meguro Station
–Look for west exit of JR Meguro Station
–From the west exit, go right and walk straight until you reach a junction with a traffic light and a family mart store across the street.
–Cross the street and look for Tokyu Store.
–Enter the building next to the store and take the elevator to the 8th floor.

-Tokyo Skytree
–From Meguro goto Otemachi Station
–From Otemachi Station goto Oshiage Station (skytree)
–Pokemon Center Skytree, Lunch at Skytree restraunt. (Mushasi)
–Find place for dinner around 8pm (if there is no time)

-Tokyo Tower (if there is time)
–From Otemachi Station goto Onarimon Station
–Walk to Tokyo Tower
–Tofuya Ukai (dinner)

-Return to Sakura Hotel before 9pm
-Return to Haneda Airport

HI Calvin
It seems like you’ve mapped out your plan in good detail
I haven’t noticed anything out of order, except that your hakone day trip is super packed. Unless you plan to catch the first hakone train from shinjuku, you may be very rushed to fit in everything.


thanks for double checking for me, I dont really plan to do everything in Hakone, I just plan extra just in case I have time. But I do hope I could at least go up to the volcano site since I never been to an area with active volcano before… just hope it doesnt blow up while i’m there XD

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