Please check my Tokyo Itinerary, 08-15 July

Dear Tokyo Cheapo,

First of all, please accept my english as it’s not my mother tongue.

My girlfriend and I will go to Japan from 08-Jul to 15 Jul.
We are so exited and got lot of questions as this is our first trip to Japan.

I just would like you to look into the itinerary I made and see if it sounds reasonable and if I should remove or add other things.

Day one (Friday 08) : Land at 8AM and go drop our bags at our Airbnb place, we will stay in Asaka, Saitaima.
For this first day I’m really not sure where we should go, please advice.

Day two (Saturday 09) : Buy a Hakone Free pass and do the Hakone round as a day trip.
Anything I should visit once back in Shinjuku ?

Day three (Sunday 10) : Heard Kawagoe is 15 min ride from Asaka so we plan to go there but not sure where to go after.

Day four : (Monday 11) : Will spend the day at Tokyo DisneySea , anything to do in the evening ?

Day 5-end of trip (Tue 12 to Fri 15) : we plan do stay in Tokyo and do some shopping and sightseeing, If you could help on planning those days, It would be great !

Anyway about us, we are a young outgoing couple, would love to visit cool places.
What we would love to try is the Cruise with free flow cocktails, some nice buffet, restaurants, bar, clubs.
We want to do all the main spots of Tokyo but don’t know in which order.

Of course we are on a budget too but I guess that’s why I’m on Tokyo Cheapo.

Any of you guys tried “The Access Narita” bus ? I plan to take it.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.


Hi Tony,

For some ideas on your Tokyo days, have a look at the itineraries on Tokyo Cheapo. If you’re interested in the young and stylish side of Tokyo, the Daikanyama walking tour, or Shibuya itinerary might suit you. The area in and around Shibuya is the centre of “hip” in Tokyo. Be careful not to miss your last train back since they stop quite early (11:30ish), but if you do miss your train you could of course stay in a love hotel.

Also @CheapoGreg wrote an article about cheapo friendly Tokyo Bay cruises
Apart from that, your airbnb location is a long way from central Tokyo, and even further to Hakone or Disney, so I wouldn’t worry about trying to fit anything extra into those days as you’ll be spending a lot of time travelling.

Go to Tsukiji Fish Market, one of my favourite attractions in Tokyo. I think it closes down in November this year (it will move to Toyosu), so go now you still can. It is closed on Sunday and most Wednesdays if I remember correctly. I have never been to the tuna auction at 05.00 (for which you have to line up around 02.30), so I can’t say anything about that. I would advise to go at 09.00 and explore the market, before you get lunch.
For a cheap but delicious sushi lunch, I can recommend the Chuo Standing Sushi Bar (location is approximately here: Google Maps) and Sushi Katsura (the latter is described somewhere on the website).

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Here’s the link:

Recommend you get an Airbnb closer to central Tokyo. Or at least along the Odakyu train line if you plan to go to Hakone.

Saturday and Sunday is best for doing things in the city. Harajuku, Meiji Shrine and Shibuya, Yoyogi park usually has free events in the summer. On Sunday, Walk from Akihabara to Ueno. Check out Manseibashi, 2k540, and Ameyoko shopping street. Alternatively, can visit Old neighborhood of Yanaka or touristy Asakusa. My favorite spot is Shimokitazawa, a hipster neighborhood. Also antique market at Yasukuni shrine. On weekdays, go to Hakone or other touristy spots.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, will consider what you told me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep, thanks for your reply, Sushi Katsure is on my plan, hope everything will be perfect

Unfortunately I already booked my place, but anyway will try to wake up early to not waste time.
I guess I will swap my Week end plan to do the things in the city instead of Hakone then.

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