Play futsal in tokyo



When: 10/27 , 28 Sat, Sun 14:00 - 16:00

Train Station: 芝公園駅、浜松町駅、大門駅、田町駅、三田駅 (Shiba Kohen sta, Hamamatsu cho sta, Daimon sta, Tamachi sta, Mita sta)

Where: アクアフィールド芝公園 フットサルフィールド コートA( Aquafield Shiba park Futsal field court A)

*Google map: Google マップ




This meet-up gives some opportunities to play futsal and exercise at the same time. Please feel free to come join us.

Let’s burn some fat with new international friends!!

Game style: knockout tournament; Maximum 4-5 teams

What to bring: futsal training shoes(No spikes are allowed)

Fee: 500 yen

Facility: Toilet, shower

*Any injury and trouble are at your own risk.

*Least no. of players to open this event: 10 players (Event will be canceled if there are less than 10 players)

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