Places to practice Japanese for kids

We’re 2 weeks in to our annual 3 week trip to Tokyo. We usually enroll our kids in school to immerse them in the language and culture, but my 12 year old son refused to attend this year. He won’t even go to the Jidoukan this year for after school games. Unfortunately, his language ability is decreasing so I’m trying to find places to take him where he’ll need to converse. We’ve done museums, service in the rest home where his grandpa lives, and have looked through “things to do in Tokyo websites” including the 101 list here. We’ve done many things on the list just by default in coming so often, but have gotten a kick out of some of the suggestions. We’d do a cooking class, but those are pretty pricey- looking for things to do on the cheap. Greatful for any suggestions.

I think you can’t force it on him. If he doesn’t want to attend the school, it is better to not push him, because it’ll make it worse. 12 years old is a delicate age, he might become interested again in a few years.
I don’t know the circumstances, as in why he has to learn Japanese, whether you or your husband are Japanese or whatsoever,… But maybe you can let him pick a sports club where he can practice what he wants and interact with Japanese kids in a fun way. Or maybe he might be into reading manga. How about a Japanese pen pal for when you leave Japan again? Those kinds of things…

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