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Photo Walk - Interested?


I am checking if there would be interest in having photo walks?

Locations would be off-the-path and could be urban or out in nature somewhere. This is great way to explore and is also low-cost.


Sounds like a great idea. Any locations you had in mind? I think the Ikejiriohashi area is a landscape filled with interesting urban sights, I included some of these locations in the Daikanyama/Nakameguro walking tour I wrote about.


Your walking tour looks really good. I will definitely add it to my list of places to go.

It may be a bit cliche but even Shibuya and Harajuka - I have done back-alley walks (urban exploration?) and found some really interesting places and subjects.


I’d love to join photo walk! Still new to town, and would be a great way to explore the city :slight_smile:


I’m I’m Tokyo until 13th may, I’m From the uk and can’t wait to take photos and explore, if you are meeting up for a photo walk I am definitely interested!


I love the idea of both back alley (urban exploration) and nature walks. For me to make it, would need to be weekend though.


Daikanyama/Nakameguro as suggested is definitively a nice neighbourhood to take pictures. I did the described tour ( on Sunday and continued to the art deco Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. I saw only the outside and the garden (which is under construction) but inside the building it seems to be beautiful as well. Visiting the garden and staying outside of the museum costs 100 yen. Going in costs around 1100 yen if I remember correctly. There is an exposition at the moment.
Too bad the blossoms are gone now, because I biked along the Meguro River and it must have been beautiful.


Here are 4 some pictures from the T-site in Daikanyama, one from the Meguro Sky Garden and one from the Meguro River.


Metropolitan Teien Art Museum


Good photos, like that first Metropolitan Teien Art Museum shot!


Wow. Great photos!

I would definitely also be interested in any kind of photo walk. I need to buy a lens for my camera, as I currently only have an SLR body. All my recent pictures have been with my iPhone, and aren’t the greatest.


@Linus - nice photos!

@Vickie - if you are looking for a lens, I would recommend buying second-hand. I can recommend a place if you are interested.

@LOSTCAT - looks like you are leaving this week unfortunately. Hope you can make it back soon and by then maybe we will have something recurring sorted.

I will start to organize something for week-ends but if anyone is planning to go out, just drop a comment on when and where.

Tentatively May 22 (Sunday) looks to be a potential date.


I have decided to have a photo walk on May 22 (Sunday) at 17:45 in Shimokitazawa located a bit west of Yoyogi on Keio-Inokashira and Odakyu Odawara Lines.

I will create a more official post with information and general directions trying to keep it open for exploring.


Hi David,

Any thoughts of doing a photo walk in August? I just discovered your post and it sounds like a lot of fun. After being cooped up studying and working during term time, getting the camera out and going on a walkabout sounds like a very good way of re-introducing myself to the outside world.

Let me know, please



I would also be really interested, I have a new camera and would like to test it out!


I would alao be interested in something like that.


@David any plans to start a new one? :slight_smile:


This month is a bit packed for me but could plan something September. Any thoughts in dates and locations? Also, please feel free to self organize and just post it here. :wink:


I’ll be visiting in early September, and would love to attend a photowalk!


I am also interested in such a place. Thanks