Online renewal of residence card

Has anyone renewed their residence card online using a mac?
Moreover can anyone tell me the reason that the JPKI software is required? Going through the online residence process (which I can only get to work on a pc) it’s not clear to me why or when one has to use JPKI.

It’s necessary to get your My Number card scanner to work. There is a browser extension you need to enable, and once you’ve done that it all pops up automatically at the various stages you need to scan your card.

Thank you for your reply. So for the browser extension, I noted that - but only for PC/Windows. Is there something for Mac? I was able to get my card reader to work on a PC, but not (so far) on a Mac.

And then the main question is what is the purpose of the JPKI software? At no time during my online application process did it appear necessary to use that software.

Finally - while I have successfully uploaded my documents and facial photo - the system has acknowledged it but the online status is showing “Input complete (Application incomplete)”. The advice is to " click the “Application” button on the “Application information list” screen and make sure that the application status has turned to “Application complete”.

But there is no clear way on how / where/ when to do that!

OMG this is the most spectacularly unintuitive process ever created in the digital age!!!

Hello ndfrankel,

Just to clarify, you are trying to renew your “My Number Card” on line, correct?
Not a residence card; residence cards are issued by immigration.

Please use google translate on the below websites for English or other language.


PC/Smartphone requirements
Since you are using a MAC, you need to use the Safari browser.
Also ensure you are allowing some pop ups that may appear. I have included the JPKI download link for MAC below. To be honest, you should not have to use a card number reader etc. to renew your My Number card. You only use the Card Number reader when performing e-tax or other authentication related actions.

You can also do the renewal via a SmartPhone, IOS or Android and not deal with your Mac issue.

The application for a “new my number card” and renewal are the identical site.
The site will appear only in Japanese. If you have trouble reading the Japanese, etc. you can simply download the form and mail in envelope, fill in the forms and mail it in.

overall site, select Application by mail

Individual Number Card Call Center (nation-wide )
please call 050-3818-1250 (do not use the terrible/expensive 0570 number system, always avoid if you can)
Voice Menu, press 2 for my number

Individual Number Card application

As for your JPKI questions, the below sites explain the use.


JPKI software for Mac download


good luck, and again you have a choice to renew via SmartPhone or even mailing in the application.


Hi. Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have been attempting to renew my residence card.
This site offers a step by step guide. Which is mostly correct. But it indicated the need for the jpki software, which I cannot understand the reason for.

So I’m just about ready to give up and renew in person. But it seems like a shame. I know it’s possible but I don’t know the magic to get through the final hurdle I noted in my previous reply.

Hello ndfrankel,
Thank you for clarifying you are attempting to renew the residence card.
I re-read the site and did notice that several procedures are possible; however, renewing your residence card is not included. Please see screenshot.

For the other seven allowed procedures, you are correct, you need to install the JPKI authentication module to read your My Number Card for either Windows or Mac. And even Android, sorry iPhone users.

I did a search and noted it is now possible, via the link below. Previously we all had to go to immigration, quite inconvenient. And they would make us go back just to pick up the card. I would have gladly given them the Letter Pack Lite and paid Y360 to avoid an additional trip and waste a morning/afternoon.
Here is the application help desk number, in JP if needed.

利用環境, pc or mac environment requirements.


(Mac版及び「Windows版のクライアントソフト Ver3.4」ではご利用できません)

Download the Mac Software via below link if you are indeed using a Mac and the Card Reader, JPKI authentication software.

How to install for MAC

English Explanation for Mac,

You can also use an Android phone after installing the JPKI software for the card reader functionality.

I am happy to say I learned something new thanks to your trouble, i.e. I can apply for a Re-Entry permit on-line. I am sorry you cannot renew your residence card on-line.
Normally we visit the immigration office, spend a few hours, and leave with a new residence card.

I hope the above information is useful.

I do appreciate your thorough explanations. Actually, I was able to get to the application section online, but only using a PC. The Mac version simply doesnt work.

Using PC version, unfortunately, my application status is stuck in this state called " Input complete (Application incomplete)”

Now, explicitly states that one must “click the application button” on the “application information list” to make sure the status change to “application complete”.

That is where everything falls apart. There is no “application button” and therefore the application remains in an incomplete status forever.

I appreciate that effort someone has made to try and create this system. They have, however, entirely failed in an absolutely awful and confusing implementation. I have actually never experienced anything more convoluted in any internet based process in all my life! Great job,!!

Anyway, thank you again.